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100 Facts About Giving: Maximizing the influence behind 'Giving-Released Blessings' through the divine principle of giving and receiving.

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This book '100 Facts About Giving' was birthed out of prayer; and it is the very first piece of work of the author, which is full of Spirit-filled nuggets and facts. The book actually seeks to uncover all the benefits which accompany the act of giving, and also to address all the countless controversial questions and issues which confront it. Such as why is it that I give but I do not receive as I should? Is giving compulsory? Is tithing compusory for the New Testament believer of God? I am afraid to give because the world is full of evil etc. Yes, the assurance is that, people with such mind-baffling questions are not far from knowing the truth, because the book has provided the right answers to such questions, backed with bible scriptures to address them accordingly, and also to make it safe and balanced for the listener. The ultimate goal of the author is to see you begin and continue to receive heavenly window blessings through the power of giving. He also believes that giving, which in some versions of the bible is translated as kindness or charity, as captured in Galatians 5:22, ‘’But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, Longsuffering, kindness, Faithfulness,’’ should not only be a part and parcel of some persons, but it should rather be accepted by all as God-given timeless opportunity to bless all those who willingly practise it in season and out of season. In the final analysis, the author hopes to achieve the following;  

1. Those who once were givers will be inspired again, and remember their first love with zeal in the ministry of giving;  

2. Those who currently practise the act of giving will be better encouraged to continue to do so without ceasing. 

3. Finally, to inspire and challenge new souls to join this divine club of givers. Stay blessed! 

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