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50 Facts About Bitterness: Guiding the ‘pure in heart’ from the traps of bitterness, and rescuing the embittered from the cage of bitterness.

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Unlike prayer, healing, deliverance, giving, prosperity, Holy Spirit etc, the subject of bitterness is not often discussed in our various local churches or religious circles. However, the author (Dr. Emmanuel Marboah) considers and describes it as one of the most dangerous besetting sins or elements which deserves all the attention to deal with. This is against the background that bitter person persons are full of anger, jealousy and unhappy feelings; because they think that they have been badly treated or unfair things have happen to them. Described in varied ways by countless readers/listeners as timely, the nuggets and words in this book could also be described as divine capsules for every case of bitterness of any degree. Listening to this multi-informed material would definitely make you privy to the knowledge on how to detect bitterness early; how to uproot it from your heart; how to avoid it; and finally, how to help others do the same. 

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