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Haute Couture

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Breaking News: Mr. Right Is Always Mr. Wrong . . .

Lauren Blake, fashionista extraordinaire, has what almost every woman wants: Glamour. Fortune. Prestige. Plus a new driver who she finds terribly annoying, despite his good looks. As the creator of the popular clothing line she's worked years to build, Lauren's got no time for love. Unless, of course, she's able to capture the eye of the—OMG He's So Hot—neighbor who just moved in across the way.

Jaxson Malone's celebrity-like world came crashing down the moment he was dumped in front of millions on a popular American TV reality show. Desperate to escape the humiliation, he heads to France where he takes over his grandfather's limousine business—and meets a stunning woman who is everything he never dreamed of falling in love with. The only problem is . . . she's got her eyes on someone else.

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