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The Calico Cat: Unabridged

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The Calico Cat (1908) is a novel by Charles Miner Thompson.

Excerpt from the book:

"There in the sun, prone upon the top of the fence, dozed the bane of his life—_the Calico Cat_.

Her coat was made up of patches of yellow and white, varied with a black stocking on her right hind leg, and a large, round, black spot about her right eye, which gave her a peculiarly predatory and disreputable appearance. Solomon had disliked her at sight. Ever since he had bought the house in Ellmington he had been trying to drive her from the premises, but stay away she would not. Not all the missiles in existence could convince her that his house was not a desirable place of abode. And she was a constant vexation and annoyance."

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