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Tom's Inheritance: YA Arthurian Fantasy

Written by Narrated by
Length: 4 hours


King Arthur, the Once and Future King, is destined to return, and Tom is destined to wake him.


Tom thinks he’s just an ordinary teen, but then his grandfather disappears and things become weird. When he’s summoned to the Other by Vivian, the Lady of the Lake, he finds he has links to a past that he thought was myth. He has to wake King Arthur from his long sleep on Avalon. 


Caught between wanting to find his grandfather and wanting to wake King Arthur, he grows increasingly frustrated. With time stacked against him, he heads to Avalon, but the journey is harder and more dangerous than he expected. 


Will Tom have the strength to find Arthur and negotiate the dangers of the Other? One thing is certain. His life will never be the same again. 


If you love magic, mystery and old myths with a new twist, you’ll love this re-imagining of the Arthurian legend. Arthur’s back with a new crew and new adventures. You’ve just found your next fantasy series. 


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