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Know How We Got Our Bible: Audio Lectures: 11 Lessons

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Length: 5 hours


The easy accessibility of the Bible in most of the world's major languages can obscure a dramatic and sometimes unexpected story. In the Know How We Got Our Bible: Audio Lectures, together with its accompanying book, Know How We Got Our Bible (co-authored with Charles Hill), church historian Ryan Reeves traces the history of the Bible from its beginnings to the present day, highlighting key figures and demonstrating the reliability of Scripture.

Reeves surveys the writing of the Bible's books (including authorship and dating), the formation of the Old and New Testaments (including early transmission and the development of the canon), and Bible translations from the Latin Vulgate to the current, ongoing work of translation around the world.

The Know How We Got Our Bible: Audio Lectures is designed for personal study, as well as for use in classrooms, small groups, and Sunday schools wanting to better understand the overarching story of how the Bible came to us today.

Session titles and runtimes:

Introduction (23 min.) The Old Testament (21 min.) The Septuagint and the Apocrypha (19 min.) The New Testament (28 min.) The Earliest Christians (23 min.) The Vulgate (22 min.) The Medieval Bible (30 min.) The Renegade Bible of John Wycliffe (21 min.) The Bible and the Reformation (27 min.) The Protestant Bible in English (26 min.) The King James Bible (26 min.) The Modern Bible Movements (27 min.) The Bible Today - and Tomorrow (34 min.)

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