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PONGO: Hands Through The Forest

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Pongo, a spirited young orangutan, loves his life in the rainforest. His days are spent alongside his mother in the magical tropics of Borneo. Playing among the vines, eating plentiful fruit and seeds, and chasing his friends through the trees, he is blissfully unaware that his home is on the brink of destruction.

Don Henderson, a palm oil businessman, is out to make money, regardless of whom, or what, he has to destroy to achieve this. But when things don't go as planned, he is forced into a situation that he never expected, the cost of which is far greater than he could ever have foreseen.

Follow the incredible journey as their worlds collide, and they encounter situations that challenge the very essence of who they are.

Will they discover the true cost of destruction? Is Pongo's leafy green home lost forever, or does Don pay the ultimate price?

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