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Roadblocks to Hell

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Roadblocks to Hell is based on a true story.

By the age of 12, Walther Colt was headed down a dark and dangerous road. Both family circumstances and choices played a role in this young man’s fateful journey. Convicted of trying to kill the police chief at the age of 15, Walt faces years in adult prison, his only friend - a young Mennonite girl from a strict religious background.

Why would Cali, a simple country girl, befriend and stay connected with this angry, rebellious man, whose tragic life was so antithetical to that of her own? How many roadblocks will it take for Walt to live a life without bars? How many roadblocks will it take before he finds the redemption he so desperately seeks?

Born into poverty and heading down a dangerous and tragic road, how will this young man's life end? 

The author follows the characters' lives and activities as documented or remembered. Dialogue and thoughts are created to depict each individual character's nature, their belief systems and their reactions to the events depicted in the story. 

Names have been changed but the stories are based on actual events.

In some cases, dialogue (quotes sometimes used) is from notes taken during interviews with individuals portrayed in the story. The prison interviews and the funeral service, for example, are mainly verbatim. 

Some scenes are reconstructed from newspaper articles. 

The purpose of this book? 

To give hope to those who have loved ones traveling down a self-destructive road. 

To offer encouragement to those already on that road; that your life has a purpose, can change and become meaningful. 

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