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The Financial Freedom Mastery Course

7 hours


This comprehensive 15-session course by best-selling wealth-building expert Garrett Gunderson outlines a step-by-step path to manufacturing your own economic independence—the point at which your career/business and investment income exceeds your expenses. A self-paced, take-the-bull-by-the-horns approach to your wealth strategy, The Financial Freedom Mastery Course is the best course Garrett could dream up to make finance for self-motivated individuals approachable, digestible, and flexible. So if you are a busy professional or entrepreneur with a jam-packed schedule, this course, broken down into 15 half-hour sessions, can fit into your busy schedule. Identify the top opportunities for recovering cash flow in your own finances so you can put more money back in your pocket, begin strategically engineering your investing strategy by learning how to identify business and investing opportunities aligned specifically with your strengths, optimize your investing for cash flow, scale business revenue, and leave behind a legacy for your loved ones. Here's just a sampling of what you'll learn:

Three-dimensional investing The impact equation for multiplying your wealth Making money while making a difference Five drivers of cash flow Building value in your business Redefining retirement And more!

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