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The Divine Dissimulation
The Divine Dissimulation
The Divine Dissimulation
Audiobook10 hours

The Divine Dissimulation

Written by Martin Lundqvist

Narrated by Elaine Hidayat

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

In the distant future, the villainous trillionaire, Abraham Goldstein, funds a top-secret project to travel to the divine dimension and meet the god of his people. Upon reaching the divine dimension, he finds out that God is dead. He also finds the technology necessary to take God's place and become a god in the eyes of men.

Many years later, Abraham and his group of angels, a group of genetically engineered super soldiers, rule Eden, a world terraformed to simulate the holy land during the Bronze Age. They rule with terror and fear following the ancient laws, until one day when an accident turns Abraham’s closest angel, Lucifer, against him. It becomes an event that plants the seed of Abraham’s destruction. Meanwhile, an ancient force is conspiring in the background to make its return to our world.

Release dateMay 8, 2018
The Divine Dissimulation

Martin Lundqvist

Martin's background Martin is a Swedish male born in 1985 He has lived in Australia since 2012, and has been with his partner Elaine Hidayat since 2013. Martin's writing history Martin wrote wrote his first book, the psychological crime thriller James Locker: The Duality of Fate back in 2013.  After that Martin had a break from book writing for a couple of years. In late 2016, Martin decided to take up book writing again and he finished his Science Fiction novel The Divine Dissimulation a year later. In July 2018 Martin finished his third book, The Divine Sedition. which constitutes the second book in The Divine Zetan trilogy. In 2018 Martin also wrote a short-story for children Matt's Amazing Week and a parody novella called Divine Space Gods: Abraham's Follies In January 2019 Martin finished writing Divine Space Gods II: Revolution for Dummies Martin's style Martin is a multi-genre writer who likes to mix up his works. So far he has released works in the crime, science fiction, humor and children genre, and he intend to write more genres in the future to mix up his repertoire and improve his writing.

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Reviews for The Divine Dissimulation

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    One of my favorite books of all time. Abraham Goldstein is truly a diabolical and yet relate-able villain. The plot is thought provoking and the supporting character is memorable.