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Eighteen Months in the War Zone: A Record of a Woman's Work on the Western Front: Unabridged

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Eighteen Months in the War Zone is a memoir by Kate John Finzi about the service women provided during World War I on the Western Front. From the introduction by Major-Gen. Sir Alfred Turner: Miss Kate Finzi gives in a plain, unvarnished style a terrible and graphic picture of the horrors of war, which have been intensified, as never before, owing to the ferocious savagery of the German troops, as systematically ordered by their officers and commanded by the Kaiser himself, the greatest criminal in the world's record; for this war, planned and prepared deliberately by him, is the greatest crime ever committed against civilisation and humanity. I think this is the first record—a most pathetic and interesting record—of what happened at the base hospitals at Boulogne, where tens of thousands of wounded, maimed and mutilated incessantly arrived, to be passed on to England, or to linger there till death came as a happy release from their sufferings.

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