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Anthony Trent, Master Criminal: Unabridged

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Anthony Trent, Master Criminal (1918) is a novel by Wyndham Martyn.

Conington Warren, one of the most popular men in society, member of the desirable clubs, millionaire owner of thoroughbreds was victim of a burglary of ten thousand dollars' worth of valuables. His flawless butler seems to be deceived by the crook, since Warren was at a dinner while the butler thought he was smoking in the library. The crook looked like a gentleman who might belong to Warren's clubs, and spoke like one, and had a handwriting exactly like Warren.

Anthony Trent likes subtlety in crime. For him the kings of crime are "men who are clever enough to protect themselves from the police. Men who play the game as a good chess player does against a poorer one, with the certainty of being a move ahead."

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