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By Pike and Dyke: Unabridged

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By Pike and Dyke is a historical novel for young people about the rise of the Dutch Republic by G.A. Henty.

Excerpt: In all the pages of history there is no record of a struggle so unequal, so obstinately maintained, and so long contested as that by which the men of Holland and Zeeland won their right to worship God in their own way, and also—although this was but a secondary consideration with them—shook off the yoke of Spain and achieved their independence. Upon one side was the greatest power of the time, set in motion by a ruthless bigot, who was determined either to force his religion upon the people of the Netherlands, or to utterly exterminate them. Upon the other were a scanty people, fishermen, sailors, and agriculturalists, broken up into communities with but little bond of sympathy, and no communication, standing only on the defensive, and relying solely upon the justice of their cause, their own stout hearts, their noble prince, and their one ally, the ocean.

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