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Asgard Stories: Tales from Norse Mythology: Booktrack Edition

2 hours


This edition of Asgard Stories is enhanced with a musical soundtrack from Booktrack for an immersive listening experience! This collection of classic stories delves into the fascinating lore of Norse mythology to reveal the tales of Odin, Thor, Freya, and more.

Compiled over a century ago, Foster & Cummings' writings give life to the stories that inspired the Vikings and some of our most beloved pop culture today.

Stories include:

"The Story of the Beginning" "Odin’s Reward" "Tyr and the Wolf" "Freyja’s Necklace" "The Hammer of Thor" "Thor’s Wonderful Journey" "How Thor Lost His Hammer" "A Gift from Frigga" "The Stealing of Iduna" "Skadi" "Baldur" "Ægir’s Feast" "The Punishment of Loki" "The Twilight of the Gods"

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