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Peshwari Nans: Beyond the Bucket List

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  In their twilight years, two eighty something sisters, Esther and Minnie are coaxed from their easy chairs and their comfort zone of carpet slippers, crochet hooks, jigsaws and jumble sales to fulfill the dying wish of a dear friend.

  They go on to undertake a road trip of sorts in Esther's beloved classic Trafalgar blue Morris Traveller, affectionately known as 'Vivien'. The trip however is no minor errand to return late library books, theirs was to be an epic undertaking of some 7000 miles, from Lodon's Whitechapel to Raipur, deep in the heart of the Indian Subcontinent, passing through no less than 10 countries along the way, including Poland, Russia, China and Tibet.

  Esther and Minnie's saga of course does no go without the occasional hitch, but the sisters eternal love for one another and their quintessential innocence and innate kindness stand them in good stead when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds.

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