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Dog Weight Loss: The Solution

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Length: 1 hour


Dog Weight Loss. It's not a National emergency. But it should be. Because more than half of America,s dogs are overweight or obese.

And the sad news is - it's not the dog's fault. Dog owners are literally killing Man's best friend with too many treats and too frequent feedings of nutritionally inferior ingredients.

And the worst point is - they won't admit it. They need to learn that de-nile, is not just a river in Egypt. But they bury their heads in the sand, insisting that their pooch is "normal."

In this informative audiobook, dog behaviorist Cesar Milltan sounds a much needed wake up call to dog owners to take action against dog obesity. By first parking their egos; and then instituting a nutritionally balanced, vet approved weight loss plan.

Then, and only then, can pet owners call themselves "dog's best friend."

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