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Playboy of the Western World

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J.M. Synge, at the suggestion of one of the founders of the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, visited the Arran Islands to live and learn the speech of the native Irish. There, the speech and customs were such that a man who had the courage to murder his "old da", if he deserved it, could become a hero. From that idea comes this story that poetically immortalizes the Irish people, starring James Lancaster, Bairbre Dowling, and Sean McClory, all past members of the Abbey Theatre.

Starring: James Lancaster as Christy Mahon, Bairbre Dowling as Pegeen Mike, Jeanette Nolan as The Widow Quinn, William Windom as Old Mahon, Sean McClory as Michael James Flaherty, Shay Duffin as Shawn Keogh, Marty Maguire as Jimmy Farrell, Linda Henning as Sara Tansey, Elizabeth Dennehy as Susan Brady, Elliott Reir as Philly Cullen, Fiona Dwyer as Nellie, Bernadette O'Neil as Honor, Bob Legionaire as The Town Crier, and CART's Announcer John Harlan.

Directed and produced by Peggy Webber.

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