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Man of God – Fugitive, Lover, Prophet! 

Welcome to ancient Israel and a time of great crisis for the Lord's people. The land is ruled by tyrants and its prophets persecuted to near extinction. The fugitive Elijah must draw on his full armory of miraculous powers to overcome his mortal enemies. 

More than a reading, LeRoy's rendition of his own epic poem is a full-on performance, taking the great prophet through the extremes of elation and despair. Meanwhile, the author draws on his professional background as a narrator to embody a rich and varied cast of voice characters, from the fierce declarations of a mighty angel to the sinister seductions of deadly Jezebel. 

At times raunchy, yet always reverent, this beautifully choreographed 12-book epic will embrace you in a timeless story of love and danger, wonder and prophecy! 

"An epic tale, Biblically based, but with considerable writer's freedom that makes the book wholly entertaining." 

San Francisco Review of Books

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