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The Translation of Surah Al-Jinn (The Demon Race): English Edition

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The Meaning & the Translation of Surah Al-Jinn (The Demon Race) from the Holy Quran in English Language.

Surah al-Jinn (“The Jinn”) is the 72nd chapter of the Quran, with 28 verses. The name as well as the topic of this chapter is jinn. Similar to angels, the Jinn Race or Demon Race are spiritual beings invisible to the naked human eye. In the Quran, it is stated that humans are created from the earth and jinn (demon) from smokeless fire in more than one instance. Only human and jinn have free will.

In the second verse the jinn recant their belief in false gods and venerate Prophet Muhammad SAW for his monotheism. The jinn race apologize for their past blasphemy and criticize mankind for either neglecting them or encouraging their disbelief. Verses 20-22 are especially important as Pure Monotheism (Tawhid) among the jinn (demon) is reaffirmed, and the inescapable wrath of God is emphasized. The Judgement in verse 7 and the Punishment in verse 25 are both references to the Islamic Judgment Day, Yaum al Qiyamah. Verses 25-28 establish that Qiyamah is known only to God and that God takes into account all the deeds of a man when judging him.

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