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Learn Japanese: Ultimate Guide to Speaking Business Japanese for Beginners (Deluxe Edition)

3 hours


Want to learn Japanese for professional reasons? Then take your Japanese to the next level with Learn Japanese: Ultimate Guide to Speaking Business Japanese. You will learn how to communicate in business environments and make a great impression.

With this audiobook, you master business-level Japanese conversations, phrases, and vocabulary. You'll learn everything from formally introducing yourself and your company and calling in sick to making karaoke plans with your Japanese coworkers. With this audiobook, you get:

25 lessons in total 3+ hours in total 214 page eBook so you can read along

Each lesson contains:

A business-level dialogue Translations and explanations from teachers Written translations to read

A preview of lessons inside:

Introducing yourself in a Japanese business meeting Catching up with a Japanese coworker Going out to meet with a client in Japan And much more!

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