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Dirge for Princes, A (A Throne for Sisters—Book Four)

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Dirge for Princes, A (A Throne for Sisters—Book Four)

Written by Morgan Rice

Narrated by Wayne Farrell

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5/5 (34 ratings)
Length: 6 hours


From #1 Bestseller Morgan Rice comes an unforgettable fantasy series.

In A Dirge for Princes (A Throne for Sisters—Book Four), Sophia, 17, battles for her life, trying to recover from the wound left by Lady D’Angelica. Will her sister Kate’s new powers be enough to bring her back?

The ship sails with the sisters to the distant and exotic lands of their uncle, their last hope and only know connection to their parents. Yet the journey is treacherous, and even if they find it, the sisters don’t know if their reception will be warm or hostile.

Kate, indentured to the witch, finds herself in an increasingly desperate situation—until she meets a sorceress who may hold the secret to her freedom.

Sebastian returns to court, heartbroken, desperate to know if Sophie is alive. As his mother forces him to marry Lady D’Angelica, he knows the time has come to risk it all.

A Dirge for Princes (A Throne for Sisters—Book Four) is the fourth book in a dazzling fantasy series rife with love, heartbreak, tragedy, action, adventure, magic, swords, sorcery, dragons, fate and heart-pounding suspense. A pause-resister, it is filled with characters that will make you fall in love, and a world you will never forget.

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