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Now O' Clock: Being Mindful ... it Always is

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Now O' Clock: Being Mindful ... it Always is

Written by William Garcia

Narrated by William Garcia

Length: 7 hours


 What is Time? Are we always mindful of it? According to William

Garcia, most of the time, people are not even aware of “Being” in their own

presence in the Now. This is why we

need to get our focus back and understand the importance of the only time there

is, Now. In this guide, Garcia will

show you, through his perspective, how Mindfulness has improved his awareness

and ability to pay attention with intention and how it has changed his life for

the better. It will change yours to. 


 Garcia also shares

beautiful and inspirational life stories; a story about Love, a blessing, a

miracle and a prayer not made, yet answered. He also shares his definition of

Success and challenges you to answer the ultimate question.  


Now O’ Clock won’t just change the way you think about Time. It will inspire you to start a new

day tomorrow, a new life, a mindful life, and not just to wake up and smell the

coffee, but to slow down and taste

Life, one sip at a time.  

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