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Automatic Fluency® Conversational Spanish Fluency Training – Level I / Includes Complete Listening Guide: 3 HOURS OF INTENSE SPANISH FLUENCY TRAINING

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At last! Now you can master the conversational basics that real Spanish speakers use daily ; the real brick and mortar of true Spanish conversation. The foundation!

Most conversational Spanish programs focus on just one conversation and then try to explain to you how they reached that level. That's like trying to walk you up to Mount Everest before teaching you how to climb a mountain. I'm taking the opposite approach. I'm concentrating on teaching you the basics, the bricks and mortar of conversational Spanish fluency¿the foundation; first not last, before you climb the mountain not after and I'm teaching it to you now not later. One high frequency brick at a time so that you'll have the foundation when you reach the conversation. Just skip what seems complicated, jump in, listen and speak to the max. Try to focus on results and not the process, and always use your downtime in waiting time to learn to speak Spanish fluently and converse with natives. No single Spanish program can make you a fluent conversational Spanish speaker, but this program will help you to advance and make great progress towards that goal.

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