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Moxie: Rock-Hard Beautiful

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Lilith Tempest Goode. The one and only groupie for the rock band, Beauty in Lies.

One woman on a world tour with her five rockstar soulmates. She's the moon, and they, they are her stars. The whole world seems to shine a little brighter when they're together, carrying them through Ireland, England, Japan, Australia...and back to the city of Seattle to start their real lives together.

Five guys. One girl with a lot of moxie and a boatload of spirit. That's what it takes to make a fresh start. If they can open the gilded cage of their grief, let it fly free on wings of hope, they'll have a future together. But real life is different than a rock 'n' roll tour. They might've healed their souls, but can they mingle their hearts?

Seattle, Washington. Six broken people on the mend. One happily ever after.

Contains mature themes.

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