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Pandora's Matryoshkas: A Rampant American in Moscow

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What’s more thrilling than a dark suspense novel where the Devil himself has returned to Moscow's multilayered underworld, widening the gap between Russia and America? In a world where nothing can be taken for granted and where secrets, lies, and deception wait in every doorway, all hell is about to break loose.

Pandora's Matryoshkas is a gripping family tragedy in a thrilling, addictive novel. The narrating drops us into the lives of Chris and Helen, a married Brooklyn couple. Chris is trying to live by the book, while Helen’s a flamboyant, ambitious, and daring businesswoman. Their daughter Lisa craves for the attention of her mother. But then, against the backdrop of post-9/11 mayhem and tragedy, it’s Lisa who steps up to help her father rebuild his life. This simple act takes this dark suspense novel along a thrilling road it can never turn back from and changes the lives of all involved forever. As Chris’s life turns into a game of Russian roulette - complete with Moscow beauties and the highest stakes imaginable - Lisa is left at home, fighting a completely different set of demons.

For lovers of psychological thrillers and fans of unreliable narrators, this is a novel which will be barely possible to resist...and one which will take them on a long, dark journey into the seamy, seedy underbelly of the night. Deception is everywhere, and the truth doesn’t come cheaply.

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