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Black Jack Justice, Season 2

5 hours


All-new, full-cast hard boiled mysteries in the radio detective tradition! Like your private eyes hard-boiled as they come? Looking for a gumshoe who can chew broken glass and spit out a champagne flute? How about two for the price of one?

Tough-as-nails private eye Jack Justice and his long-suffering partner Trixie Dixon, girl detective do their part for law, order and thirty-five dollars a day. Adventure, mystery and comedy from the award-winning Decoder Ring Theatre Podcast.

Includes 12 self-contained radio adventures including "The Purloined Format Caper", "The Trouble With Doubles", "How Much is That Gumshoe In The Window?", "The Beefsteak Botheration", "Palookaville Express", "Mixed Blessings", “Payback”, “Sabien's Law”, Trixie's Pet”, “The Reunion”, “Much Ado About Norman”, “Dance, Justice, Dance”.

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