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Counter to My Intelligence

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Sometimes, the heart wants what it can't have. That's the motto Silas Mackenzie, the president of the Dixie Wardens MC, has lived by since he was a young man. Now, he's well on the way to middle age, has three grown children, and he's lusting after a woman from whom he should definitely stay away. Especially one who his ex-girlfriend had given birth to and happened to be only 27 years old.

Sawyer isn't a young girl at heart, though. She's seen the inside of a jail cell for eight long years, and every one of them she spent paying for a crime she didn't commit. Silas Mackenzie knows as soon as he sees her the girl has sacrificed enough. And maybe...just has Silas.

It's time for Silas Mackenzie to get what he deserves and put a little bit of happy back into Sawyer's world, one rough, bearded kiss at a time.

Contains mature themes.

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