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Europe at Dawn

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The phenomenal conclusion to the Fractured Europe sequence.

Alice works at the Scottish embassy in Tallinn in Estonia as a member of the Cultural Section. When two men bring her the jeweled skull of a Scottish saint, her world gets turned on its head, and she becomes the latest recruit to Les Coureurs des Bois.

On a Greek island, Benno is just one of hundreds of refugees dreaming of a new life in continental Europe. After hatching an audacious escape plan, he may just get his dream, but at the price of serving some powerful mysterious new masters.

Rudi and Rupert, the seasoned Coureur and the scientist in exile from a pocket universe, discover that someone they thought long dead is very much still alive. Not only that, but the now defunct Line — the railway that once bisected the European continent — may be being used for nefarious means.

Proudly presenting the final chapter in the Fractured Europe sequence.

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