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Shutdown & Restart at the End of the Day! Let Go of the Anger of the Office with Intensive Deep Relaxation

56 minutes


This is the end of the day! SyncSouls has produced 5 soothing deep relaxation units especially for the start into the evening, e.g. on your way home. With these audio sequences you quickly switch off from daily events, relax briefly and deeply and get a fresh head for the precious rest of your day - far away from office stress and job. Simply put on your headphones and let yourself be guided into a deep regenerating relaxation for about 10 minutes with the help of approved relaxation techniques. It's a quick and easy way to change your mind. In this audio book you have 5 different methods at your disposal. There is certainly one that suits you best and makes it easier for you to restart at the end of the day. The titles in the overview: 1. Breathing Exercise: release the stress with deep breathing - 7 minutes; 2. Mental Exercise: Now is the end of the day! Bale your fists, switch off, get out of trouble and stress with Progressive Muscle Relaxation - 14 minutes; 3. Positive Conditioning: What was beautiful that day - meditation for reflection and gratitude - 10 minutes; 4. 15 Minutes fantasy travel out into the forest - a wonderful walk to switch off with autogenic training; 5. 10 Times OM - countdown to the end of the day, the joy returns - 7 minutes;

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