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Heal and Move On: 7 Steps to Recovering from a Breakup

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Whether your partner left, or it's you who has decided to the end the relationship, breaking up is painful, difficult, and sometimes overwhelming. Friends and family urge you to forget the past and reach for the future, but it is never that simple. Before you can move on you need to understand what went wrong, mourn the loss, and most importantly, heal. Otherwise you risk taking all the problems from your current relationship into the next one.

In this compassionate audiobook, marital therapist Andrew G. Marshall brings 30-plus years experience working with couples to explain how to recover from a break-up the healthy way. Whether you are the leaver (the person who has initiated the split) or the sticker (who has been questioning whether this is the right choice), he covers:

Knowing when to stop trying and accept the inevitable Emotional first aid to make it through tough times What helps and what hinders recovery Making sense of your break-up Helping your children cope How to fly high again

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