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Seek First: How the Kindgom of God Changes Everything

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The key to a successful and fulfilling life is finding out what matters most and then building your life around it. So what matters most? According to Jesus, it's the kingdom of God. Jesus proclaimed the kingdom in his teaching, embodied the kingdom in his life, and told his followers to "seek first the kingdom".

Unfortunately, the message of the kingdom and the good news of God's reign in this world has not only been misunderstood by the church, it is also resisted in our own hearts. Putting God's kingdom first does not minimize other aspects of life like our work, our family, and our relationships. It puts them in perspective. Seeking first the kingdom is a vision of following Jesus that shapes and enhances all of life, offering an eternal perspective, a lasting purpose, and an unshakable identity. It’s the only thing worth building your life around!

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