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Mouthful of Birds: Stories

5 hours


A powerful, eerily unsettling story collection from a major international literary star.

Unearthly and unexpected, the stories in Mouthful of Birds burrow their way into your psyche and don't let go. Samanta Schweblin haunts and mesmerizes in this extraordinary, masterful collection.

Schweblin's stories have the feel of a sleepless night, where every shadow and bump in the dark take on huge implications, leaving your pulse racing, and the line between the real and the strange blur.

Audiobook table of contents:

"Headlights", read by Erin Bennett "Preserves", read by Allyson Ryan "Butterflies", read by Mark Bramhall "Mouthful of Birds", read by Kaleo Griffith "Santa Claus Sleeps at Our House", read by Kirby Heyborne "The Digger", read by Rob Shapiro "Irman", read by Mark Deakins "The Test", read by Fred Sanders "Toward Happy Civilization", read by Mark Bramhall "Olingiris", read by Erin Bennett "My Brother Walter", read by Arthur Morey "The Merman", read by Hillary Huber "Rage of Pestilence", read by Paul Boehmer "Heads Against Concrete", read by Robbie Daymond "The Size of Things", read by Fred Sanders "Underground", read by Ray Porter "Slowing Down", read by Danny Campbell "On the Steppe", read by Cassandra Campbell "A Great Effort", read by John H. Mayer "The Heavy Suitcase of Benavides", read by Josh Horowitz

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