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One Perfect Rose

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The early history of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy reveals her devotion to her political father, Honey Fitz, and the love story that developed with Joseph Kennedy, before her debut at eighteen. This play presents years of research by Elizabeth Gerry that reflects the strong moral conviction and spiritual influence of the Kennedy matriarch upon the lives and politics of her children and grandchildren.

Starring: Jeanette Nolan as Rose Kennedy, William Windom as Joseph Kennedy, Sr., Sean McClory as John Fitzgerald, Shay Duffin as The Irish Journalist, Kathleen Freeman as Mary Fitzgerald, Elliott Reid as John F. Kennedy, Linda Henning as Rosemary Kennedy, Eddie Firestone as Robert Kennedy, Ashby Adams as Joe Jr. and Edward Kennedy, Dawn Bender as Kathleen Kennedy, Whitney Dickinson as Young John F. Kennedy, Ian Dickinson as Young Joe Kennedy, Jr., and CART's Announcer John Harlan.

Produced, directed, and adapted by Peggy Webber.

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