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How to Grow Rich with the Power of Leverage: Accelerated Wealth Creation Blueprint, for the Success You Truly Deserve!

47 minutes


If you study the lives of the most successful people around you, you'll see that these people — without fail — apply the principle of leverage and use it to maximum effect in their life. Without applying some kind of leverage there is no possibility of creating accelerated wealth.

In this audiobook, best-selling authors Praveen and Preshant Kumar explain how you can create massive wealth quickly by simply understanding and mastering the principle of leverage. Correct application of leverage breaks through the barrier of 10 percent growth/ yield. With leverage we can grow at 50 percent or 60 percent and even 100 percent or more. On the other hand, improper understanding and use of leverage can have reverse and disastrous effect on your wealth.

From this audiobook you will learn:

What are the various types of leverage? What precautions you should take when applying leverage? How you can maximize your leverage? And much more.

This audiobook explains the fundamentals and empowers you to grow rich by using the power of leverage correctly.

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