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Social Smarts: A Media Guru's Guide to Social Media Mastery

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Social Smarts. Have you got any? Do you know when to post on which Social media platform? How often to post? And, most importantly — What to post?

If your answer to any of those questions was anything less than positive — you need to smarten up your social media intelligence. Or face the risk of being swamped by the wave — as opposed to riding it.

But not to worry. Because you're in the right place to sharpen up your Social Media Smarts.

In his last two audiobooks: Social Media Mastery and Get Social — Social Media Consultant Randy Fishman guided you through the Social Media Minefield. Giving you an unfair advantage to advance the recognition, and hopefully, the ROI of your brand.

Now, in Get Social he dives even deeper, sharing the tips and techniques you must know and practice to succeed in today's Social Media Landscape.

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