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A Long Way to Fall: Heart of Darkness

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A young psychology degree student sits on top of a sky scraper late at night, ready to throw himself from the top, he is saved by another female student who comes to the roof top. He then remembers the story that went around campus two years ago that a girl had thrown herself of the same building he is on now. He is captivated by the ephemeral beauty of the girl who tells him to 'never give up' as one day he will 'have the happiness in deserves'. All thoughts of suicide retreat from his mind. However the girl that killed herself is hunted by a demon for a secret that nobody knows except Jack her guardian angel, will her guardian angels love be enough to save the girl from the demon?

A tale of chilling revenge. Venture with Louise and Jack as they set out on the motorway to escape from a demon, only what isn't so clear is why Jack is helping Louise and where he is taking her.

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