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Learn Hindi: Must-Know Hindi Slang Words & Phrases (Extended Version)

2 hours


***Important: This Audiobook comes with 3 bonus Hindislang and curse words conversation cheat sheets***

Want to speak Hindi like a native, understand daily conversations...

...and graduate from knowing just a few basic textbook phrases ?

Then this the Audiobook is for you.

You're about to learn 100+ Hindi slang words and phrases used in daily life. With the Learn Hindi: Must-Know Hindi Slang Words & Phrases (Extended Version) by HindiPod101 Audiobook, our teachers explain and break down each word and phrase across 25 lessons!

And all YOU have to do is listen and repeat.

What you get with this Audiobook:

- 25+ Audio-based Lessons & Review Tracks
- 2.5+ Hours in Total
- Includes a 100+ Page eBook
- BONUS! 3 Hindi Slang Conversation Cheat Sheets

Results you can expect:

- Master 100+ New Words & Phrases
- Improve Your Speaking & Listening Skills
- Become a Better Hindi Speaker

Download the PDF and read along:

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