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Finding a God that is Real

57 minutes


In this deep dialogue we look at a new theory of God based on science. Our guest suggests that we need a God that can connect us spiritually to the “real” universe and can guide our now globally conscious species toward a long-term and honorable civilization. Abrams says, “God, as I see it, is our bridge to the universe. God did not create the universe but God created the meaning of the universe. God is an emergent phenomenon from us human beings. It has come about because of our aspirations; every person has aspirations. Our aspirations over generations and generations, maybe even millennia, have interacted, become so complex that something larger has emerged from them and that is God. But emergence is a two way street. Although God emerges from us, we are, in turn, fed by God and this God is the creator of meaning. Meaning is a collective creation.” She goes on to comment on the effectiveness of prayer:, “The deeper you feel that you’re part of this universe and you connect to it, the closer you’re actually getting to this God. It is absolutely a new form of prayer. . . When you move into the real universe and you start to feel that you are part of this earth, you are part of the local group of galaxies in this enormous super cluster that we’re part of, in this gigantic cosmos that is actually something like 46 billion light years back. . . When you feel you’re part of that, you’re part of the universe that has made it possible for a God to emerge.” (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)

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