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Whitney Wallace's Unbelievable Family History, Book 1: Perfect for Bedtime & Young Readers, For 4-10 Year Olds

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27 minutes


Warning: This children's book may instigate lots of laughter. And help your child to learn to use that wonderful thing they all possess, their imagination. And who knows, it may even grab the attention of reluctant readers too. 

Whitney Wallace loves her family but she thinks they're all soooooo boring. Then one snowy day something happens and Whitney is left to go off on adventures all her own - all by herself. 

What will she discover that wonderful snowy day? And even more importantly, will she learn that her family is not quite as boring as she originally thought? Read on to find out what happens next.

Get your copy now and listen on to find out more about Whitney's wacky misadventures and hear what happens next. This children's storybook with a female lead character is book 1 in the Whitney Learns a Lesson Series, however it can completely stand alone as a complete story without having to listen to any of the other Whitney books. Order your audiobook today and start listening and enjoying Whitney's family adventure instantly.

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