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Whitney Wallace Learns a Lesson Books 1 - 3: For 4-10 Year Olds, Perfect for Bedtime & Young Readers

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Whitney Wallace, our elementary school aged heroine, has a pretty active imagination and no problems getting into trouble. And now you can listen to 3 of her fun adventures in one amazing audio book volume. Meant to be entertaining and also educational also to a small degree, these stories for young readers allow children to enter into Whitney Wallace’s familiar world for a short time where they will be taught a little bit about taking responsibility and putting active imaginations to work.

In Book 1, Whitney Wallace's Unbelievable Family History, despite being so bored and completely unappreciative of her own family, she soon learns a secret about many of her family members that will soon change her ideas about them forever. Exactly what new secrets does she learn about her family? Listen to find out what happens.

In Book 2, Whitney Wallace and the Wacky Wednesday Wash-Out, Whitney and her classmates must work together in a class project to raise money for their school, despite all the negative things they come to encounter. Will they be successful in their fund raiser? Listen to find out what happens.

In Book 3, Whitney Wallace's Crazy Concert Catastrophe, our little heroine is having a fit to go to a concert despite the fact that she has no money or anyone who will lend her the money to buy concert tickets. Then she finds a way to get the tickets - for free - but is she really interested in working to make her goal a reality? Listen to find out what happens.

Get your copy now and listen on to find out more about Whitney's wacky misadventures and hear what happens next. This children's storybook bundle with a female lead character includes 3 stories in the Whitney Learns a Lesson Series. Order your audiobook today and start listening and enjoying Whitney's fun adventures instantly.

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