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Whitney Wallace's Crazy Concert Catastrophe, Book 3: For 4-10 Year Olds, Perfect for Bedtime & Young Readers

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35 minutes


Our heroine, Whitney Wallace, is having a fit to go to a concert featuring her favorite band but soon finds out that her parents are not going to buy her the tickets. No matter how much she asks they won't budge. Then the librarian shares a possible new way to see the show with her, for free.

Will she be able to actually meet these new goals, make her plan work and get the free tickets too? And will she be able to do it in the 2 week time frame before the show happens? Is she really willing to put in the work needed to get what she wants?

Get your copy now and listen on to find out more about Whitney's wacky misadventures and hear what happens next. This children's storybook with a female lead character is book 3 in the Whitney Learns a Lesson Series, however it can completely stand alone as a complete story without having to listen to any of the other Whitney books. Order your book today and start listening to and enjoying Whitney's musical adventure instantly.

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