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Screams from the Asylum: 15 Tales of Superntaural Terror

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15 stories of supernatural terror by Zahid Zaman. Welcome to 'Screams from the Asylum' within these pages, horrors newest voice brings you fifteen tales of supernatural terror form the darkest depths of the human psyche. Journey with Zahid Zaman and look at the everyday in a new light, explore new horizons, visit new lands, and discover what monsters lurk beneath the calm normal exterior of modern suburbia.

There are fifteen handpicked tales guaranteed to give you a scare, form a n out of control self aware computer virus in 'Digital Reality' to an axe wielding serial killer in the 'storm'.

This books explores themes such as multiple personality in 'split worlds', the nature of existence in 'Eternity', making unwise pacts with Satan in 'Cold Christmas', Parental abuse in 'Jack and Jane', fighting against creatures from a dark forest in 'Nightfall' and many many more.

Purchase this books at your own risk! You may never be the same again...

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