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Facebook Fortune

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Facebook Fortune. Would you like one?

Would you like to make a fortune on Facebook? All the marketing gurus say that it's totally do-able. But then, they would say that right? Because they've all got "How to make a Fortune on Facebook" courses to sell. Haven't they?

The bottom line is: Because something is possible, doesn't mean it's probable. Does it?

For example, each time there's a violent Summer storm, it's possible a bolt of lightning could vaporize your house . But it's not probable.

So — the takeaway here is that to make a fortune with Facebook, or anything else — you need to focus on probability. Not Possibility — and no one can help you more to get that probability focus than social media expert Randy Fishman.

In his previous books, Social Smarts, Get Social, and Social Media Mastery, he gave you an unfair advantage by sharing his from the trenches Social Media insights. Now, in this audiobook, he gives you a laser sharp focus on the probabilities you must know and implement to realize your Facebook Fortune.

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