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Operation Grizzly Camp: An edge-of-your-seat survival thriller in the savage wilderness of Alaska

5 hours


In the wilds of Alaska an animal lover confronts an impossible choice.

Kill an innocent creature or expose a top secret operation.

Shaking, she shoulders her rifle and fingers the trigger…

Special Agent Poppy McVie goes deep undercover and finds herself surrounded by the worst people on Earth—wealthy poachers who shoot bears for sport. Her mission is to dismantle the bloody game and drag its masterminds to justice. To earn their trust, she has to join the twisted fun and take aim at one of the majestic beasts herself. 

Even with the help of her handsome partner, Poppy has to fight to stay in character. But the cracks in her facade put the poachers on edge. She has one final, reckless plan, but will the high-stakes gambit be enough to save herself...and the animals? 

Fans of Nevada Barr and lovers of Lara Croft will love this thrilling adventure. Find out why fans describe Poppy as “My hero!” and “unforgettable.” 

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What readers are saying:

“The sense of place is incredible as the author takes us to Alaska, but the fear is palpable in this page turner. 5 stars!”

“Wow, was I surprised by the plot twists of this book.”

“I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish Poppy's latest adventure. You will too!”

“Hard to put down - what an exciting adventure!”

“Loved how the author made the Alaskan landscape so vivid.”

“Will keep you reading page after page.”

“Best book, yet! Can't wait for Book Four!”

Poppy McVie, Saving Animals One Book at a Time

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