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Operation Orca Rescue: A heart-pounding undercover mission on the high seas of Norway

6 hours


The ocean’s biggest enemy is back on the water... for a major catch worth millions.

One woman will risk her life to keep the orcas safe.

Feisty Special Agent Poppy McVie sails off to Norway in pursuit of a ruthless predator. He’s a notorious orca poacher out for his next prize, but Poppy can’t allow him to profit from the capture of a majestic whale. In an attempt to stop him, she cons her way onto his crew to take his operation down from the inside.

Once aboard the criminal ship, Poppy realizes she’s made a terrible mistake. Trapped on a monster’s vessel and surrounded by icy water, she has no way out. Can she destroy the miscreant’s diabolical scheme, or will she wind up chum for the sharks? 

If you live for an Indiana Jones adventure or the thrills of Nevada Barr, this book is for you. Find out why fans call Poppy “My hero!” and “Irresistible.” 

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What readers are saying:

“Even better than the first. And the first was superb.”

“I simply love Poppy! She is so feisty and gung ho.”

“Loved, loved, loved!!! I am going crazy waiting for the next book!”

“I feel like I just returned from vacation.”<

“Bindschatel has once again combined humor, intrigue, and an always-entertaining heroine into an endless adventure.”

Poppy McVie, traveling the world to defend animals, one book at a time.

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