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Operation Arctic Deception: A thrilling winter survival adventure in the north woods of Canada

5 hours


Deadly poachers prowl the woods of Canada...

...snatching rare owls to sell for millions.

But one woman can tear this operation down.

Special Agent Poppy McVie and her team are hot on the trail of a wanted man. She and a partner go undercover as interested buyers, but the mobsters are tipped off. All hell breaks loose and the two of them must flee for their lives.

Stuck in a freezing forest with enemies on all sides, Poppy must rely on her survival skills to keep herself and her cohort alive. Can one last gambit save her, even if it means making straight for the people who want her dead?

If you live for Lara Croft and Indiana Jones movies, and love Nevada Barr, this book is for you. Find out why readers describe Poppy as “My hero!” and “Irresistible.” 

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What readers are saying: 

“Poppy is someone you'd like to be. Courageous, smart, adventurous, caring and tough as nails.” 

“Poppy is my kind of girl. She's a no-holds-barred, adrenaline junkie that has a passion for more than just the next dazzling set of pecs.” 

“Poppy is my hero!” 

“If you like Stephanie Plum, you must meet Poppy McVie.” 

“I can't wait to jump into the next one in the series!! Go out and get this book, you will not regret it!!” 

Poppy McVie, Saving Animals One Book at a Time

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