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His Queen

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5 hours


A mysterious man whose eyes lay claim to her.

A vision of a love she doesn't understand.


Everything Anca knows of her past is questioned as she glimpses her future. The handsome foreigner who strides into her show, demanding she answer on question by giving him a reading reveals a scene in her mind's eye — herself sprawled beneath him in ecstasy, his teeth at her neck.

The vision puts her on high alert, but Anca's mother affirms this dark stranger is not only from her homeland, but that Anca's father is still alive.

And he wants her to come home.

Anca steps into a world which seems untouched by time. But she also steps back into a danger which has not passed since her mother fled to save their lives.

Will Anca and her fated mate survive and defeat a royal coup, or will they fall victim to an obsessive avarice for power?

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