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Pulse of My Heart: A Gallagher Novel

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This third exciting installment of JP O’Donnell’s popular “Gallagher Series” finds our hero facing a uniquely emotional challenge. The shocking disappearance of Gallagher’s ex-wife, Kate, whose past includes a secret that she has never revealed to him, ignites a desperate search to find her. Kate’s secret and her mysterious disappearance make Gallagher realize that not only is her life in danger but that he loves her more than ever. Gallagher’s journey uncovers an intricate web of crime in which Kate has become unwittingly entangled—police corruption, drug and human trafficking, and the sale of illegal weapons. Struggling against the clock as well as two powerful forces—one within the police department and one from an unexpected source—that are determined to stop him at all costs, Gallagher uses his rare combination of skills and cunning to fight his way to a dramatic conclusion that has a twist no one sees coming.

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