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Genius: The Divine Mission Of The Soul

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True genius isn’t necessarily a high IQ score or prodigy, although it often manifests as such. It’s the spirit within each of us. Meade explains that “the genius is a unique spirit in a person; it’s the part of them that makes them unique and it’s tied to their destiny, or the destination of their soul...” He asserts that we have an obligation in this broken society to find and use our genius to help repair and avoid further damage. When we practice genius-to-genius mentoring, we can light a spark in someone who hasn’t yet discovered their purpose. Modern society tends to create a map for us to follow but sometimes the only way to discover our genius is to make our own path, to “get off the map.” Sometimes, genius is revealed by tragedy, pushing us toward our wounds. Or it can be revealed by our success. Meade shares a fairy tale about a boy who upon meeting his genius is at first frightened and threatened. However, because the lad is courageous enough he ends up with the powerful gifts of imagination, hope, and curiosity. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)

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