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The Notorious Bachelor

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The entire world is tweeting about Bryce Carson. He is the twenty-three-year-old virgin from Tennessee who speaks with a slight southern accent and still keeps to the genteel manners of a confederate gentleman.

Hashtag: Sexiest Man In Hollywood 

The Oscar Nominee refuses to discuss his private life with the press. He owes the public no explanation for the secret pact that he made with his two younger brothers.

Hashtag: Most Notorious Member of The V-club

The tabloid papers cannot stop writing about, Riley Madison. She is the sizzling hot country singer from Philadelphia who is making headline news with her scandalous love life and her string of never ending boyfriends.

Hashtag: Breaking All The Rules

The beautiful African American entertainer makes no apologies for her lifestyle. She owes the world no answers.

Hashtag: Baddest Chick In Country Music

Bryce and Riley are the exact opposites. They have absolutely nothing in common. He is looking for a good wife. She is searching for an amorous lover. 

When their paths cross briefly, sparks fly. The sensuality between the two is undeniable, but is it strong enough to overcome their differences?

Hashtag: A Must Read

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